The Intake Session starts with a $65.00 suggested contribution. It is the first interview session with a Christian Counselor. It provides an opportunity to assess your situation, share referrals to other counselors/pastors/therapists/coaches, or discern if you as a client want to move forward with Impact Family Christian Counseling. All donations are tax-deductible (See Tax Exempt Certificate).


Since we operate strictly as a Christian Bible-based Counseling Network, free from secular licensing regulations and philosophies, we do not take insurance but suggested donations from our clients and private contributions from donors who graciously help subsidize our overhead.


Counselors have the same contribution rates. If you are experiencing economic hardship, please fill out a Counseling Scholarship Request to see how we can assist you.

Suppose you cancel or reschedulean appointment before the 72-hour deadline by clicking the cancellation or reschedule link in the email we send you. In that case, we will issue a refund or allow a reschedule. If you do not receive a refund, please submit a refund request form Suppose you don't attend your session apart from a doctor verified medical emergency. In that case, we will not be able to refund the contribution due to the counselor's time or other clients who could have benefited from that session. Thank you!